whether you are in the great wide-open of nature’s backyard-
or in your own backyard -
a FORT is a shelter built for comfort, safety and fun.
fort clothing is designed to enhance the spirit of adventure with
the comfort of your own secret hideout.
utilitarian workwear inspires the FORT closet.
fort clothing includes cozy breathable fabrics with
special reinforcements in place that
anticipate free-living and longevity.
classic styled items can be handed down, up and all around
with longevity in mind regarding the clothing our little adventurers sport-
it is only responsible to consider the life of the world’s playgrounds while we are at it.
we aim to produce quality gear that will last and
be loved from one adventurer to another
while making as little dent on our planet as possible.
the fabrics we choose consider
both the level of comfort required to live free and comfortably without constraint.
the eco/organic nature of the fabrics and the proximity to which the clothing comes
together ensures we are leaving a healthy world for future young explorers.
We are proudly a member of 1% for the planet.
1% for the Planet’s mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. 
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artists collaborations

Derrick Hodgson is a Toronto-based artist who’s paintings and drawings are renderings of complex social spaces crowded with familiar and mutated characters. Using aspects of cartoon, graffiti and contemporary design, Hodgson created a style and environment that quickly advanced him to the forefront of contemporary character design. In the past few years Hodgson has exhibited his work in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Milan and Melbourne. In addition to this he was the first Canadian artist to be recognized by Sony Creative in Japan where his character illustrations were transformed into 3-D art figures and sold in gatcha-gatcha machines across Japan. This quick rise to success led Hodgson to be a key speaker at the Berlin Pictoplasma conference in 2004 and 2006.

Clients include:

Sony Creative (Japan), ProKeds (USA), Fox/Fuel TV (USA), Nike, (USA/ Canada), Fataim (Japan), Voi (Japan), Sims snowboards (USA), 55DSL (USA/Japan), Thunderbirds (Japan), Excite Media (Japan), Radioactive (Malaysia), Die Gestalten Verlag (Germany) 

Publications include:

Walrus magazine, Arkitip, Beautiful Decay, The Drama, Pictoplasma, Lodown , Complex, Globe and Mail, Faesthetic, Toronto Star, Mass Appeal , ROJO, Zoo Magazine…



Andrew Pommier lives and works in Vancouver and is a graduate of the painting program at Ontario College of Art and Design. His artistic output runs the divide between commercial and gallery work. He has worked for a variety of skate and snowboard companies such as Toy Machine, Girl and Element Skateboards. He also works regularly with the Vancouver based Kitsch skateboards and the China based Black Knight Skateboards. His paintings have been shown in galleries around the world. In late 2015 he was a featured artist at the Moments arts and cultural festival in Málaga, Spain.  2014 he mounted a solo show of oil paintings at Okazi Gallery in Berlin and previous to that he had a solo show in Tokyo at Diginner Gallery. He has been included in group shows at Los Angeles' This Gallery and Vancouver’s Equinox gallery.  Recently he was featured in Juxtapoz magazine and Warp Japan magazine.




Adrian Forrow is an award winning multidisciplinary Artist and Illustrator with clients in Canada, Europe and The United States. He graduated from OCAD University where he won the Merit Award for his outstanding achievements in the Illustration Program. Adrian has been recognized multiple times by American Illustration and other award annuals. Adrian's most recent clients include: The New Yorker,

Urban Outfitters, Bloomberg, The Walrus, Second Cup, Plan Sponsor, Bruce Mau, Sid Lee, and Concrete Design Communications . When Adrian is not busy working in his studio you can find him on one of his (many) bikes or camping.