The Village

   Each season Fort looks to a different landscape to inspire our theme.  A different artist is then commissioned to create an illustration which we then turn into a print.  Meet the artists that help build our Fort. 





Miyako Kurihashi





Miyako Kurihashi has a strong interest in healing process which she continues to develop as a osteopath and artist.








Andrian Forrow


Adrian Forrow is an award winning multi disciplinary Artist and Illustrator with work that spans the globe. Adrian is amused by the ordinary and finds inspiration in the minute details of the natural world.









Sydney Smith


Sydney Smith is a children's book illustrator. He lives in Toronto with his wife and son.   











SS/16 + AW/18
Derrick Hodgson


Derrick Hodgson is an award-winning Illustrator and one half of Fort.  He created the print for SS/16 and for the upcoming AW/18. 










Andrew Pommier




Andrew Pommier is not looking to pass on a message through his work; he plays subtly with graphical elements and a few ideas, and if his work resonates with the public, then so much the better… And, more often than not, it does!